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Hunan Pinan Equipment Group Incorporation

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Company introduction
Pinan equipment Group Incorporation ,formerly named Xiangtan Ping’an Electrictiy Group Co.,Ltd, was founded in 1950s with more than 60 years’ history, which is among the national first batch of innovative enterprises. Our company focused on design,construction,technical service of mining equipment (ventilation, transportation, drainage, mining, monitoring, environmental protection, electric power) 、tunnel and underground project as well as related main special equipments’ manufacture and sale. We could offer clients all kinds of tailored and professional solutions. We mainly service industrial customers from coal mine, non-coal mine, coal and electric , coal chemical industry, metallurgy, mining area’s environmental governance and tunnel, subway, underground project industries.At present, our products are exported to more than 30 countries include Australia, Chile, South Africa, Algeria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, North Korea ,etc. The leading product continue with the leading edge in the industry in China, and popular with international customers as well.